Startup Nation Israel

Shalom! Last September, I went with muru-D to meet startup entrepreneurs, investors, and enablers from highly successful Israel startup ecosystem. The culminating event was the DLD held in Tel Aviv. I’ve learned why Israel startups ecosystem is so successful — it’s on the mindset of Israelis. They don’t fear failing. They just do it again. Innovation is at heart when they go in the military as youths and they carry that mentality going out and when they start their own companies. I learned that the Israeli government invests U$500M annually to the startups. And it really helps and encourages entrepreneurs to “risk it all” as the risk is small compared to other countries entering the startup world.

They really think global from day 1. With a very small domestic market (of ~8M people), no natural resources, and no friendly neighbors to expect doing business with, they are forced to look at bigger markets such as the US and Europe. They turned their disadvantage an advantage.

My Personal take away:
“Plan Execute Learn (keep repeating) — Mindset and Culture of Israelis.”

Doing House Visits with Partners
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