Stash Kicks Off with HIJ Medical Center

checking out their systems

Just today, Stash and Hospital of the Infant Jesus (HIJ) kicked off a partnership for Stash’ claims platform. HIJ recognizes the value of having a technology in place for claims reimbursement not only for Philhealth but also for their accredited HMOs. They want to become technologically advanced and more innovative in this new healthcare industry. As we start to expand our client base, we treated HIJ uniquely. We presented how Stash could help them innovate now, showed our roadmap for healthcare and exceeded their expectations.

Presentation of Stash

Henry Ford once said ‘If I’d ask customers what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse!’ People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. Our goal was think out of the box and take our customers to a different, competitive advantage level.

Why HIJ?
1. We came in at the right time. Philhealth, the country’s public health insurance, released a directive for all hospitals to go digital by March 2017. We are working our accreditation and HIJ will be key for Stash to get accredited.
2. HIJ is forward thinking (and early adopter in tech) and offered full support to the success of Stash
3. HIJ is strategic partner as they will be key for Stash for future customer references.
4. HIJ has 15 HMO accreditations — this gives us access (foot in the door) to those HMOs.
5. HIJ is a great early (hospital) customer for Stash at this level so we can further refine our product while not being overwhelmed by the process complexities of really big hospitals.
6. HIJ has good Internet connection and network infrastructure in place already.

Q & A between Stash and HIJ Administrators
Group Hug
The Handshake Deal.

By the way, we’ve been working on our leads for several months now. They are starting to bear fruit. :D

We anticipate that we will need more people to take key positions in the company to better support the operations, therefore, kindly inform me if you’re willing to partner with us (invest). This is a great time to do that. We are working on another deal with another client as I write this.

I need $400K to max $600K for the next 2 years. email us here


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