Wrapping up 2015… and unboxing 2016

I am very thankful in how 2015 is. This is the pivot year for me in a lot of ways with respect the life as an entrepreneur. Year 2015 started quite slow with not much happening from the business as we’ve been struggling with progress developing our very basic MVP. This progressed until mid March where I asked one of my co-founders to resign. Then, I got in as a semi-finalist at the Global Innovation through Science and Technology Tech-I competition by US State Department by April. I’ve attended few local startup meetups where I learned more about startups, VCs, angels and accelerators. I’ve met a lot of interesting individuals as well through networking and through events.

Things started to really get serious when I got into the top 40 and then top 20 of Muru-D Singapore class #1 by July. And, by August, I was in Singapore competing for a slot where they will only select 10 startups. muru-D only selected 9 (out of around 300 applications).

September. muru-D Singapore class begins. Lots of new people, lots of lessons, and lots of work to be done. I concluded that I suck in public speaking. But, I had to improve my game, I had to.

October. More pitches. More meetups. Fixing. Getting things done. Trying to balance life and work. Flights from and to Philippines and Singapore.. this is really tiring and a few times, a momentum breaker. But, you’ve got to do what you got to do.

@SG Telstra’s Town Hall

November-December: All went like a blur. Raised $40K with an additional $20K coming in from advisors/investors. Hustling. Pushing for product development. Team changes. Legals. Marketing.

It’s really quite a year for me. But let me step back a little bit from all this startup talk and just focus on the other more important aspects of life that God has blessed me with. Family. I am thankful for my family who’s been supportive and equally challenged me to grow. I am thankful for my wife who’s been there to snap me out of my rut and kick me in the gut whenever I am on a slump. I am thankful for her encouragements and for being a good mom to our lovely daughter. I am thankful for my friends both old and new, who shared their lives and time with me. I am thankful for the mentors who pushed me to be better than I thought I can be, who gave me just enough encouragements to go on and also gave warnings when I am not doing well.

I thank my team for the support and their contributions. I won’t be able to do things at this level without each of you.

Of course, I thank the Lord for working in and through me. I thank You for so many things, that I know I can’t possibly do and achieve without You. I thank you for keeping me. I thank you for reminding me. I thank you for protecting me and my family. I thank you for everything. You are good all the time. Thank you Jesus.