5 things that make iOS 11 a major leap in User experience design

Omar Faizan
Aug 12, 2017 · 3 min read

Yes, Im using the cool new iOS 11 beta and Im in love with it. iOS 11 is a major overhaul for iOS users. Its been just 24 hours since I installed it and Im already hooked! In this article I’ll try sharing some of the unique design improvisations that make iOS 11 a major step forward in terms of user experience design. And here we go -

1. Follow your friends playlist on iTunes

(This ones my favourite) I use iTunes to explore new music and I always felt why I couldn't follow my friends playlist on iTunes. Apps like Spotify are already doing it and its pretty successful feature to generate user engagement on the app. Finally you can do that on iTunes, Just click on find friends under your profile and you can connect with all your Facebook friends that are using iTunes.

Follow your friends on iTunes

2. Screenshot management

Apples design team really hit a Major-Major key on this one! iOS 10 and earlier : Taking screenshots>open them in photos >edit>share iOS 11 : Just click a screen shot and iOS gives you a completely new interface to highlight/edit your screen shot and share it from the same UI itself! I used to use apps like Workflow for automating such tasks but this is the next level of convenience. Check it out below -

Screenshot management in iOS 11

3. Brand new Control centre

Oh, yes! Now you can add/remove switches from you Control centre in iOS 11 & Mobile data switch is finally on it. You open settings app > Control center > add any controls you need. I know how badly iOS users needed these customisation control.

Edit control centre in iOS 11

4. New Notification centre

Its been a pain to check date on iOS without going to the home screen or lock screen. The new Notification centre design has date at the top and it also has actions for notification that used to get executed as you swipe left and right on iOS 10. Apples design team really thought the bad use cases through

New Notification centre design for iOS 11

5. App store redesigned

Cant skip this one! Trust me, when I initially saw the screen shots of clutter free design. I thought these guys are taking away the liberty of browsing the app store. But it turned out pretty different. The ‘Today’ section helps you browse coolest apps on the store - One at a time. Plus apps are divided into 2 tabs Games and Apps, these guys really did some tight user research.

So these were my favourite pieces of user experience enhancement that came with iOS11. As I said its only been 24 hours since I started using iOS11 beta.

Tell me what do you guys feel about these improvisations? 🤔 Do you guys have any favourites that Ive missed? 😩 Personally I hated the new Calculator UI - looks ugly 😝

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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