Power of designing on Sketch with the new MacBook touch bar

Last week I joined Media.net and these guys were generous enough to give me the new MacBook with the touch bar. I was pretty excited about the touch bar MacBook since the day it was launched. I often heard that its a marketing gimmick but I always had faith in product design team at Apple that they wont put up something just for spiking up their sales. So heres what I felt about the touch bar (as a designer) :-

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
- Henry ford

Ps. Turns out Henry Ford never said that but still its a pretty interesting statement 😉

I think some day most of our devices will be touch based. We can already see that happening around us and the new MacBook’s touch bar is one big step towards it.

As soon as I opened Sketch the touch bar shows me a set of few primary tools like Art board tool, Basic Shapes, Pen tool, Text tool, Insert Image and the Zoom functions that are mostly used at the beginning of my work flow

Another cool thing is as soon as I select multiple objects I get quick options that save my journey all the way to the properties panel to align and group objects and also managing shapes.

This one really saved my life. I hated taking my mouse all the way to the Save/Cancel button at the time of closing or saving files. Saves a few milliseconds of my life that I spent everyday since I started using sketch.

I quite feel the touch bar has really improved my productivity and it totally makes sense as it saves my journey to panels for executing primary functions that don’t have shortcuts.

So what’s your favorite productive hack using the Touchbar? Put it in the comments below so we all can learn more 😊