Worth The High

The action has direct negative consequence. That’s all the reason I need to know that I shouldn’t do it. No need to even think about it further; I think while casually getting it ready. Weird how my body so calmly continues to act against what I’m thinking. Maybe I already don’t care. That’s bad. If I don’t care once I won’t care again. I put on the VR headset anyway.

When I got my first headset it was just to explore recreated historical places or fictional settings. I was one of the geeks back then. It really only captured the world when reality TV invested on it. Soon everyone was looking through the eyes of their favourite celebrities. Why be bored at home when you can be a part of rich people drama right? Soon, though, it wasn’t enough. People started paying the celebrities to do what the observers want. Now you aren’t just an observer of the fantasy world but actually taking part.

My addiction (yes I’m admitting to it) started when I started watching the adrenaline junkies. I blame my body actually, I can’t help feeling real fear and excitement jumping off a building into a pool, or ramping a motorcycle over live people!

I’m about to hit a low as a human though. On the news this morning was a court case about a Asian company that paid someone to commit suicide with VR gear. Well, paid his family I guess. Guy must’ve been desperate. I have a kid, maybe I get him. Either way this is fucked up. I know it’s wrong to support this but this god damn itch won’t go away! And if you think about it what does my abstinence matter when millions are going to watch it anyway? Right?

I can see the sweaty palms on the steering wheel. My sweaty palms on the steering wheel. The most beautiful mountain road, better than I could ever imagine. The perfect setting. I floor it. There’s no turning back now. The V12 behind me is screaming as I approach the first bend. I don’t slow down though and barely make it. My heart is PUMPING. I’m reaching the second bend way too fast. Before I know it I’m over the edge heading straight for a rocky death. It was so fast, so exhilarating, so beautiful. It was so worth it.

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