Mexico’s Tradcoin — Diversifying the Crypto Ecosystem

Omar Faridi
May 12, 2018 · 1 min read

In this article, we will explore the numerous potential use cases of Tradcoin — a cryptocurrency reportedly backed by tangible assets.

Tradcoin — Diversified Mexican Cryptocurrency

If we analyze the current situation of cryptocurrencies, we find limited credibility and strength to their acceptance and exchange due to the lack of real support from merchants. Most cryptocurrencies base their proposal on good wishes and solutions that in most cases are not executed, with some even becoming scams and causing governments to stop the growth of this capitalization scheme. There are relatively few countries that have attempted to properly regulate cryptocurrencies, with Mexico being on of them.

Mexico recently established the new Fintech law, in which there is a regulatory framework for the handling of cryptocurrencies within the country. According to Tradcoin, a company that launched its ICO in March, this makes Mexico the right place to develop this technology. For this reason, entrepreneurs Miguel Aguayo and Octavio Gonzalez developed a cryptocurrency called Tradcoin in Yucatan, Mexico. This cryptocurrency tries to (Read More).

Omar Faridi

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Lead Editor & Executive @ Crypto Core Media at CCMedia

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