I was reading about Inner Peace and it caught my attention a good read says:

"You are not your thoughts"

Treat your thoughts like your dog running around on your lawn. Look at him objectively and you will feel nothing. Now imagine your dog is attached to the leash you are holding, and now he starts running around dragging you along. Well, that doesn’t feel very comfortable, does it? That’s what you do when you let your thoughts lead you. If you have a thought, let it go, otherwise your thoughts will soon consume all your energy and you will continue to feel like you are living in a mental turmoil. Sever the connection between your thoughts and your identity. Here’s why. Your thoughts are only about two things: past or future. The past you think about is just a fleshless time skeleton, and the future you think about will never arrive, but you will continue to suffer over the suffering you think might be inflicted on you sometime in the future. "The past" or "the future" is before you.

It is present. Experience it.


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