What Does It Mean To Be A Muslim Woman In The Modern World?
Fariha Róisín

Very interesting publication, First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Omar, I am from Egypt, and I am a Muslim and proud of my religion.

Second of all, I am here not as a religious scholar of any sort, in fact i am a business management graduate which has nothing to do with religion, however i share my opinion based upon what i was taught, raised upon and understood by my own later after contemplation.

I will discuss three points (Hijab, Hell, and you been told you are not a Muslim)


It is not up to society to judge you whether you should wear a hijab or not, it is strictly between you and your Creator, you have the total freedom whether to choose to wear a hijab or not.


Your friends and your family telling you are going to hell for doing so or not doing so. This is a enormous mistake, they are taking the role of God Almighty, He alone has the right to judge you whether you are going hell or heaven.

Please check the following website on we do not judge people:

Saying you are not a Muslim, or not behaving accordingly

Yet another great mistake, it is up to your Creator to judge you, it not up to the mere human being, Again check the website above.

In the end, people should take a good look at themselves before judging others, and treating them in a non pleasant way..Its the entire basis of Islam in how you treat people, you must treat people with respect, and follow the basic moral precepts of not lying, stealing, or abusing people, if you do not do so then all the prayer and fasting in the world will not lead you to salvation.

The Prophet (Peace be upon Him), said: “The only reason I have been sent is to perfect good manners.” [Al-Bukhari, Ahmad] In this Hadeeth (narration).

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