Getting Started

I’ve been wanting to start writing semi regularly on entrepreneurship and investing for awhile. I just thought that since I was so new to the investing side of the business, I should probably wait until I knew something about it. Now that it’s been three years, I’ve decided that’s going to take too long and I should probably just get started :)

So here we are.

My plan is to post about once a month, and the topics are likely to come from things I’m seeing in the market, or lessons I’m learning along with the entrepreneurs I have the privilege of working with.

My thoughts and opinions in this writing will be mine alone. I won’t be representing Sequoia or any of my partners, though in some cases some I’m sure my experiences with them will have influenced how I’m viewing a particular issue or situation. That’s one of the benefits of a partnership in any case, you don’t need to rely solely upon your own thoughts…

Of course this means this posts will not be edited or overly polished by anyone… and therefore will have all the benefits and flaws of a quickly written and fairly transparent take on things as I see them.

Hope you enjoy.

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