Being young is tough

Recently saw this amazing romantic Malayalam movie. Something was quite striking about it, a surreal experience yet feels so natural. A journey of a young man, not quite intelligent or wealthy yet had the opportunities of savoring life's most tranquil moments.

The movie left me high and dry pondering over my life and what have I done with it for the past 20 years. Unlike many I am quite contempt with my achievements and the milestones I have come acrossed. Yet this movie made me feel wanting. I may be contradicting what I said earlier but it made me realize that i’m as ordinary of a person it gets.

We are going through a phase that is experiencing a paradigm shift. Children are trained to be task driven rather than to be intuitive. From a young age they are fed with horrors of an inaptitude future. What horrors they may have to face if they were to fail at education or miss the opportunities of securing a solid career. Where are the little joys depicted in these movies which are sorrowfully missing in our lives?