IBM #maketheteam

The Brief

Our brief was to raise awareness of IBM’s involvement at the Wimbledon Championships — by getting fans closer to the tennis by surfacing the data and insights only IBM can provide in near real time.

While IBM’s technology is great there is still a reliance on humans to provide richer insights that only IBM can — 46 to be exact, former tennis players and experts that track every point of every game at the Championships with only the most accurate and fastest data capturers are selected for the later round of games.

To put people in the shoes of these data capturers we created a dual screen game where players were encouraged to synch their mobile with Wimbledon footage to track the action in the same way that a data capturer would.

Through a series of 4 increasingly challenging mini-games, players were challenged to keep up with the action, before challenging friends to play directly through Facebook. The fastest and most accurate at the end of the two weeks was rewarded with Wimbledon tickets on Centre Court.


3 million total engagements

1255 hours of engagement with the game — an average session time of 1minute 41 seconds.