The Lakers just got owned. Or did they?

What’s the Lakers’ plan after the superstar center leaves for Houston?

Dwightmare 2.0 just came to an end, and for the better or worse, Dwight Howard has decided to abandon 30 mil and one of the most storied franchises in NBA history to go join the Houston Rockets.

From a Laker fan’s perspective, things couldn’t have looked more bleak. Steve Nash is almost 40, Kobe can’t even play basketball at the moment, and Pau Gasol’s position in the team is ever uncertain. Earl Clark - the only thing that went well for the Lakers last season - has walked away too, and so have a handfull of the coaching staff.

This upcoming season is going to be quite miserable, no doubt. Here’s what I think the one thing the Lakers should, and can do.

Rest Kobe Bryant

This I cannot stress more. It’s silly if he targets the season opener because this will not only potentially hurt his healing achilies, but also his game and quite possibly his legacy. He should just rest this season.

Resting Kobe Bryant destroy any hopes they have of even making the Playoffs. But even if they do make the Playoffs, is there any point to it with the roster they Lakers have now? The Warriors just became unstoppable when they landed Andre Iguodala, the Rockets just got stronger, and the West just keeps getting tougher. The Lakers will get demolished like they did the last post season.

Resting Kobe Bryant could even blow the Lakers to the bottom of the standing, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That, in fact is a very good thing. The Lakers for the first time in a while have a pick in the ridiculously talented first round 2014 NBA Draft Pool. They’ll have a chance for a higher lottery pick and could potentially land a franchise player. Andrew Wiggins, Marcus Smart, Jabari Parker are but a few of the big talents. The 2003 NBA Draft Class was one of the most talented ever, and the next years’ Draft is drawing similar attention.

That’s not all. The number of star free agents available in 2014 is mind boggling.

If the Lakers are willing to sacrifice one season, they can land a young franchise player, and one (maybe even two) stars from that list and more importantly a healthy Kobe Bryant.

At the end of the day, we’re talking about the Los Angeles Lakers after all. They always find a way. Don’t believe me?

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