When we recently rebuilt our MailMerge feature (announcement post) we ran into an interesting challenge to implement an inline autocomplete. Our MailMerge feature lets users write a templated email and merge that with their Streak CRM data. That is, users can send emails to multiple recipients and Streak will customize each one based on the variables they insert into the template.

For better variable discovery and easier variable insertion we decided to go with an inline autocomplete like you see on popular services such as Twitter, Facebook, Slack or Github.

The UI we were looking to build

In this post we’d like to describe what Gmail Add-ons are and how they relate to the InboxSDK. Here at Streak (the makers of the InboxSDK) we’ve had access to add-ons for a few months and would like to share our experience building on it.

Q: What do Add-Ons let me do?

A: Add-ons let you build small apps using Google Apps Script that show up in the sidebar of Gmail. This sidebar will show up on desktop (no matter what browser the user has), and on mobile inside of the native Gmail apps. And best of all, if you…

Search is an integral part of Gmail and Streak, and we’ve just launched an exciting new update that makes the experience substantially better. Now, Streak boxes show up in Gmail’s autocomplete.

The best part about this update is that there’s nothing special you have to do or new commands to remember. Just go into the search input like normal and start typing — you’ll now start to see Streak results show up instantly. You can use the keyboard or mouse and select the results just like any of the other options.

We’ve also included additional information about the boxes, like the pipelines/stage/assigned to, so you can quickly distinguish boxes from each other.

You can also search for pipelines:

Chrome extensions are awesome. The Gmail API is awesome. It should be easy to use the two together. And it actually is easy to use the two together, however there’s a lot of noise out there to get things to work properly, so I wanted to write this blog post to give a very clear front to back example. Here is a gist link that is a barebones extension to get you started.

Step 1: Register for the Gmail API

Follow this link to start enable dev access to the Gmail API:

Step 2: Create a Chrome extension

Creating a chrome extension is super easy. All you need is a folder with…

Streak is used for many different use cases, but there are two in particular that are the most common and often get used together: Sales and Support. Up until now if you received an email to your support account it would be difficult to know if this was a paying customer, or someone in the sales pipeline. And conversely when working on a deal it would be difficult to know if this potential customer was dealing with any support issues.

The new Related Boxes resolves this by showing you all boxes that may be related to the current email you’re reading…

Focusing on your work is one of the keys to being more productive. At Streak we’re always looking for ways to remove distractions so you can focus on what matters: closing deals, and getting real work done.

Today we’re launching our Snooze feature that lets you archive an email now, and have it come back to the top of your inbox later. This lets you remove lower priority emails out of your inbox so you can deal with them later.

Whenever you’re looking at a conversation, or have one or more emails checked, you’ll see the “Snooze” button available.


When conducting analysis on your pipeline to see how it’s been doing, it’s useful to be able to group the data by date. For instance, in sales you want to group your boxes by expected close date either by month or quarter to make sure your pipeline is healthy, or if you’re using Streak for bug tracking you may want to see how many bugs you’re fixing each week.

Previously, this wasn’t really easy to do in Streak, but with the latest version we’ve just released we’ve made it extremely simple. …

Streak has been very good at letting you keep track of attributes of your boxes, like the deal size of a box in your sales pipeline. But what if you wanted to know what the deal value of all the boxes in your pipeline is? Or all the boxes in a particular stage? Until now that hasn’t been possible.

Today we’ve launched the ability to summarize columns in your pipeline. Any column can be summarized with a variety of functions like Average, Sum, Maximum, etc. You can see the summary for the entire column or just a particular stage.

This is really…

When we first launched our notification system, we decided that we wanted people to get notifications in their inbox just like they get chat notifications. As such we decided to just use Google Chat as the default way to notify you about stuff happening in Streak.

However, Google has recently deprecated Google Chat in favor of Google Hangouts and we’ll no longer be able to send you chat notifications. However, we already have several other options that may suit you even better, specifically browser notifications and email notifications.

As of April 1st, we’ll no longer support chat notifications. You can change your notification settings by going to Streak settings (search our help for more info).

If you have any requests for new notification types (like SMS), let us know at support@streak.com.

Have you ever tried to collaborate with others in Streak, and tried to share a box with the other person? Up until recently, it was a frustrating experience, and there was no easy way to get someone on the same page. Now you can share links with anyone shared on your pipeline, and it will work exactly how you expect.

When you’re on a box (or any other page), just copy the link from the URL and send it to them.

If they

  • have Streak installed
  • and they’re shared on what you’re linking

then they’ll be taken to the page you link them to.

Omar Ismail

Previously — cofounded https://www.streak.com

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