Path to Code

What brought me to this path

I was in that period in college where you are struggling with what to do after graduating. I have this habit of intensely reading on a topic if i don’t know about it.

In spring semester of 2012, my choice was to become an investment banker. CNBC was my go-to first thing in the morning. Investopedia, and other websites is where i spent my free time. Slowly that changed into financial analysis and accounting in my fall semester. I became an intern financial analyst at Jack Morton Worldwide (a marketing company).

Slowly i realized that i wanted more. It just wasn’t the right fit. I wanted to make an impact, help people, improve peoples lives. I began looking into law. I figured lawyers, specifically lawyers working in the government, could work on reform, change the laws of the land, and aid the masses. Again, after spending hours on hours reading articles, blogs, even books on lawyers, i realized i wouldn’t fit.

I noticed that if you spend enough time (2-3 months) dwelling on an idea, that idea either fits with your personality or it doesn’t. I realized i wanted to be creative with my work. I wanted to build, design, and work on cool products/ideas that make peoples live’s better(in the general sense).

And then i somehow stumbled upon this:

And that sparked my interest, and as usual, i began doing some intense reading. I started reading blogs, articles, reddit,books, and everything i could find. I started Codecademy, and discovered an infinite amount of resources on the web to learn to code.

I read Forbes article about the return on investment in education, comparing Dev Bootcamp to a traditional 4 year degree. I then discovered Launch Academy, which is in my hometown of Boston.

Launch Academy is a 10-week intensive, immersive bootcamp where you learn how to program. We learn Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, SQL, and the agile methodologies (including TDD). The idea behind it is that a traditional 4-year computer science degree teaches 90% theory and 10% practical application. Launch Academy takes that 10% and teaches you in 10 weeks, training you to be an entry level developer.

I am currently in my nearing the close of our third week, and man is it intense! In the past 3 weeks, we built a fake version (using only html/css) of Google (called Shmoogle) and Hacker News, did aallooottt of ruby, creating games like Blackjack and Connect 4, and are now working on Rails and about to start the database side of it.

It is truly an awesome experience. How often can you take 10 weeks and devote yourself to learning a whole new craft.

So this blog is two things: 1) Talking about my Launch Academy experience, and 2) talking about other tech/non-tech related material. I love reading (one of my dreams is to have a library in my house) and sharing what i learned, so that is what ill do.

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