I am here to kill your dream

I am here to kill your dream, for your own sake…

To those that have an #entrepreneurial dream: RUN! Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction of your #dream! I swear to you it’s not worth it. Yes, I am here to kill your dream! To stomp on it! To do everything I can to save you. I am here to let you know there is too much to #sacrifice, too much to lose. Time, money, family, friends, love, and #happiness will all be lost- put on hold for a dream that is distant and most likely to fail. Not to mention, if you fail, it’ll be really hard to “sell” your experience.

If that doesn’t weaken your spirit, than I will declare another obstacle that will hopefully shatter your dreams, if it already hasn’t. You must learn #patience, you must learn to make friends with loneliness, and most importantly, you must spend your years learning extreme #balance. If you don’t learn balance, you will fall deep, deep, deep down into a place I can’t explain in words.

If you are still willing, than I welcome you wholeheartedly and madly to the club. I say madly, because you are mad. You are insane. Don’t ever doubt that. You will witness every spectrum of life. You will be left totally and completely battered. You will be beaten to the ground.

I leave you with one piece of advice on this lonely road: Don’t ever allow your dreams to become your god, your purpose, or your meaning. #Mastering this will take years, and in the end it may be the most valuable thing you learn.

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