…Little difference between Trump & Clinton? Because they’re both American, and ‘Americans are bad’.
Geoff Kieley

I just wrote a whole long-winded reply, and an accidental mouse-click wiped it away, so I’ll have to be briefer this time.

To those of us who don’t live in the USA, there is very little difference between Clinton, Obama, and Trump. No matter which mask America wears, we get bombed, and we get murdered by unseen cowardly drones. The fact is that American foreign policy has always operated by pure force. The first trade treaty between America and Japan was signed while American destroyers were in the Japanese harbor with their canons pointed at Japanese cities, and little has changed since then. There are around 622 American military bases around the world, in about 38 countries, anybody who thinks that those are there to ‘defend’ America or its ‘allies’ is suffering massive delusions. What I say applies mostly to the American government, and not so much the people, although I cannot imagine that anybody could vote for Clinton with a clear conscience. I judge individuals individually, and whether or not you think I am the same as Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is your issue, and not mine. America has been responsible for around 22 million deaths (according to some studies) since the end of WWII, just how many people do you think Baghdadi has murdered? Far less, I’d bet.

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