What Om Zeyad Said..

We’re referring to her as Om Zeyad because she told us her son’s name is Zeyad. She showed up as a caller on Amr Adeeb’s show — during which he asked her why she wouldn’t vote in the parliamentary elections — this is what she said -


And here it is translated -

Why am I not going to vote?

Because I’m disillusioned. I voted for Sisi, and I was very happy doing it. My son, when he went to vote for Sisi, he told me he felt he was voting for his father. This is true, even though — he’s a young man, he doesn’t look to dad or mom — you know the new generation.

But when we went down….we had aspirations, and we had hope….

I haven’t seen the likes of this —

Amr, we listen to you, and we’ve been listening to you for years. We get the news of the country from you.

Excuse me, but all the channels, and all the presenters, and reporters…and us as people, we understand too, we’re not stupid.

This economic conference that I had a dream of, what did I get from that? A big wide dream? The New Suez Canal that we were so happy with — what did we get from it? Excuse me, but Dr. Mahmoud Emara, who’s lost his voice, he’s on all the channels pleading with the president to hear him — has the president heard him at all? The governor in Alexandria, that everybody was attacking — what did they do to him? Nothing, they left him and now they’re praising him more than ever.

Are we fooling ourselves?

The parliament doesn’t need me. At the end of the day, they’re going to legislate to allow the president to remain for more than 2 periods. May they sate his thirst! I’ll just remind him of what happened to Mubarak and to Sadat before him! May it quench his thirst!

But I want to say now — through your channel — that you’ve disappointed us all. And all the people are very sad. They’re in deep pain. We never imagined this from you —

You were the hope — that we were living on…

You were the hope — that stopped me from worrying that my son will leave Egypt and immigrate.

You were the hope — that I would die in this land.

But I will die heartbroken, heartbroken, heartbroken…no more, and no less.

Discuss what? You think I know who’s coming?

The Nour (Salafi) Party make no difference to me. Nour, or Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood), and all that hogwash — are those supposed to be the scarecrows? They didn’t last a year! We blew on them in one year! They had no state behind them to support them! Who are the Nour, the Muslim Brotherhood, and those silly scarecrows? Who’s supposed to be afraid of those idiots?

The ones we’re afraid of are the National Democratic Party — who stayed on our chests for over 30 years! One day I had prayed to god and said that Egypt actually deserves to be ruled by Gammal Mubarak…and then…

The revolution began, and were happy, and the huge aspirations and the children, my god — that died…

What happened when the children died, and became orphaned?

What happened?

In the end, we are the traitors! And the revolution was terrible! A revolution with no meaning! Isn’t this what happened? Or am I saying something else?

Or are you not from this country?

You want to go vote, you’re welcome to it — but we can’t vote anymore.

That’s it.