Photography is the future of SEO

The Huntington Library and Art Collection

As a marketing, sales, and “SEO guy,” my world for the last couple of years has been “content focused.” And “content,” for the most part, is mostly text-based. So the content that has driven the best results on Google, as far as SEO goes, is long-form written content.

I think that’s about to change.

Instagram and the overall paradigm of “communicating through images/pictures” is growing.

I either have to hop on the bandwagon or get left behind.

SEO/marketing companies, and just businesses in general, need to put a greater focus on visuals.

It’s simply a matter of recognizing the decreasing average attention span of the consumer.

It’s also about recognizing where people, in general, spend their time.

Just because Instagram doesn’t seem like a professional place to do business does not mean that a business shouldn’t be there.

The point is that — your end CUSTOMERS ARE THERE — so you should be too.