Best ICO for 2019 and Beyond — The Things to Look Out for in an ICO

The innovative world of blockchain is growing in relevance and it looks like that is not changing any time soon. The space is still churning out very helpful and disrupting solutions. Besides, these applications continue to transcend industries.

Like every nascent technology, it is riddled with challenges that range from hazy regulation to fraudulent industry players. The ICO space, in particular, is a tricky field with a lot of grey ears. Choosing a credible ICO to put money into, as such, is just as treacherous. However, there are several key factors that you can use as guides to help you put money in a deserving project.

1. Provides Practical Solutions to Real-life Problems

The blockchain space is teeming with solutions that address many problems from across various segments of the economy. These answers are extending the level of collaborations like never seen before, especially because most of them touch on or cut across various industries.

Importantly, a project worth it's salt must show beyond any doubt that it is or will solve a problem, and it has to explain how it plans to do so. The Bitcoin whitepaper, for instance, laid out the solutions it had for making it easy to transfer value. Besides, it laid out the means with which it was going to create a trustless and anonymous environment around fund transfer.

At the time of its invention, banks had gone overboard with their demands on paperwork. The successful implementation of Bitcoin did solve the problems it set out to rectify.

2. Uniqueness

A project is only practical if it is unique in its approach to the problem it seeks to solve. If it is not particular, then it is akin to every other generic solution out there. A general solution may be appropriate but it will not be competitive enough to get a share of the market when it matters.

When the Ethereum project was launched, its inherent tool, the Ethereum Virtual Machine was developed to capitalize on the inequities of the Bitcoin blockchain. As such, the tool sought to increase the scope of blockchain applications. In this regard, it was unique in its quest.

3. Stand Out!

The Bitcoin blockchain has experienced several problems in the recent past. The most significant of these has to be its scalability, which has affected the response time of the transactions in the platform.

Any solution developed to tackle such a problem must stand out in the manner, especially about how it will rectify the situation. SegWit2x that was a strong contender for the scalability issue was voted down by a cross-section of platform users and instead a hard fork that resulted in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash was preferred.

Lighting Network, however, continues to raise interest because of its approach, which stands out. As a second-layer scaling solution with smart contracts functionality, it helps create private, off-chain channels that allow for instantaneous transactions at near-nil fees.

The Coinxes Argument

Coinxes easily fills the position of the best ICO for 2019. It seeks to ease the process of transacting in cryptocurrencies. It may also solve the scalability conundrum by making almost all cryptocurrencies as attractive as Bitcoin is. If this quest can succeed in diverting the traffic to the other cryptocurrency networks from the Bitcoin network, then it may just help reduce the number of transactions on the system.

Of course, this is all two circumstantial at the moment. Importantly, the Coinxes exchange and its devoted ICO tokens counter will give ICOs a lifeline by making hard caps a lot easier to attain. At the moment, this is a key concern for many industry practitioners, and the Coinxes exchange is stepping in beautifully and with very unique solutions.