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With blockchain technology, users are the master of their personal data, thus disrupting the centralized systems.
Within the crypto space, every blockchain-based platform or project has its own token, thus representing the aim or motive of that project. Within the crypto space, to access these coins and tokens, one needs to visit the cryptocurrency exchanges. As of today, there are about 500+ exchanges all aiming to make it possible for investors, users etc to have access to their desired coins, that is to say, the cryptocurrency exchanges are very important in the crypto space.

The cryptocurrency exchanges today have underlying issues which are posing as a roadblock to its greater growth.
These challenges or issues are;
1. Insufficient security,
2. High listing fee for new blockchain projects,
3. Low efficiency,
4. Unfriendly backroom deals and host of others.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency which Introduced blockchain technology, thus creating “transaction ledger”, through this, Individuals will be able to transact among each other transparently, safely, fair and securely.
In order to transform the current cryptocurrency exchanges at the same anchoring on the main idea of Bitcoin, HiBTC was created.
HiBTC can be seen as the cryptocurrency exchange of the people, by the people and for the people, that is to say, HiBTC is a platform having its community as its main priority.
HiBTC is a blockchain-based platform with an extraordinary approach in order to show a radical new cryptocurrency exchange.

Highlights OF HiBTC

To enable you to all the more likely comprehend why HiBTC is novel and Awesome to me, I would enlighten you concerning it’s highlights from my own particular perceptions. About seven days back, HiBTC propelled the exchanging of USE/ETH Trading Pair in the Platform and to me, this was a gift since I had that token in my ownership and this was what driven me to HiBTC.

Very quickly after Registration and my first store, the primary thing I saw was the means by which imperative the HiBTC group takes security and data, I was educated through mail when my store reflected in my record, HiBTC kept me on the up and up about any action in my record while I was utilizing the trade and this struck my as being exceptionally imaginative.


Security of assets in a Cryptocurrency trade is critical and the group behind HiBTC knows this and takes the security of assets of it’s clients genuinely and that is the reason they use multi-layer firewalls, multi-mark, and chilly hot cash sack confinement projects to boost the security of client resources and HiBTC likewise works together with top security Outfits.


Why use an exchange platform that cannot be efficient in its transaction. Unlike many exchange platforms, HIBTC exchange platform guarantees efficiency in your transaction. Rarely we see an exchange platform that best tackles efficiency program as the HIBTC exchange platform. Its advance memory coupling algorithm which can effortlessly handle 2 million transactions in just 1 second is amazing. Not only this, users can enjoy an advanced API interface support coupled with high-security efficiency, GTT, GTC, ICO. In addition, professional investors can be sure of a high-class technical support.

Rights Sharing and Transparency:

HiBTC Exchange is not at all like any current brought together trade stage since it gives the it’s clients basic leadership rights, for instance, A client assemble that holds at least 5% of HIBT add up to coursing supply can freely prescribe a digital money to be recorded in HiBTC, Isn’t that marvelous?. Also, the rights to settle on significant choices in the stage will be vested on the HIBT token holders.

Fast Transaction Framework:

One reason numerous clients flee from a few trades is their moderate exchange structure, a few trades are not worked to deal with much exchanges every second and when the exchanges surpass such a predetermined number, issues begins emerging, the splendid personalities behind HiBTC knows this and they have made a helpful system for expert and beginner brokers alike where they can exchange and never need to stress over the speed of their exchanges in light of the fact that HiBTC is worked to deal with 2,000,000 TPS (Transactions Per Second).

Revenue Sharing:

This is one extremely extraordinary and imaginative element of HiBTC, HiBTC has it’s own special local token called the HIBT Token, Users of the stage are compensated only to hold this token, half of the HiBTC token is appropriated to dealers who likewise hold the HIBT tokens and the income produced from the stage is conveyed to the holders of the HIBT too, HiBTC presents a detached acquiring chance to it’s clients, this inventive procedure is known as Trading Mining.


You can be part of the HiBTC Trading community eligible to participate in the HiBTC “Holders Shared Reward”. It is a 100 percent reward pool which is triggered to reward the contributors of the day.
Furthermore, If the prize pool is not triggered on one day, the HIBT positive contribution ranking will be reset at UTC time 23:59:59 , it means the HIBT positive contribution users not at the trigger day are unable to get the prize.


Exchange Link: https://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1

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