The Beauty of Letting Go

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Letting go requires more strength than holding on.

We often have a negative preconceived notion of what it means to “let go”. Upon hearing this term, most of us associate it with:

  • Giving up
  • Being weak
  • Surrendering and waving the red flag

But there is beauty and strength in allowing ourselves to let go of things, people, places and situations that no longer serve us.

It does not mean “giving up”. It means moving on and looking for another way to fix a specific situation because the old approach just isn’t working.

It does not mean “being weak,” because an insurmountable amount of strength is needed to let go of those things that no longer fit our life. …


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“Tough to get to. Tougher to explain.”

Marfa, Texas is a creative’s lucid dream. An Art Mecca and a heaven for creative types. This is the place you come to for that much needed “Think outside the box” inspiration.

The remote location of Marfa makes it extremely hard to get to. It was an 8 hour trek for me. But once you’re there you absolutely get it. The remoteness, the way in which the roads, small houses, all blend in perfectly well with the dusty landscapes, galleries, boutiques and coffee shops. Marfa just looks like art.

El Cosmico

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In order to fully experience Marfa, you must stay at least one night at El Cosmico. Where you can choose from three different accommodation options: a safari tent, a teepee or a vintage trailer. I chose the safari tent which comes fully equipped with a queen size bed, night lamps, plenty of outlets to charge your devices, a desk and a fully stocked mini-bar. …

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This morning I woke up feeling invincible and with the realization that I am capable of overcoming what might sometimes seem like insurmountable goals if only I manage to get past those little voices in my head that sometimes want me to quit halfway through.

What made me feel this way? Only the 20-miles that I ran yesterday as part of my training for the NYC Marathon. That’s right, I ran 20 super long, mentally and physically draining miles that I honestly didn’t think I would finish. …


Omayra Escobar

Artist, Marketer & Content Creator ✨

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