She would have had as in a war with Russia and their allies, China.

I think 45 is more likely to get us into a war with Korea than Clinton ever would have been to get us in a war with Russia. What a ludicrous idea. The Russians were afraid of Clinton, which is why they facilitated Trump’s election.

You know that Clinton wouldn’t have had the pentagon wondering for a full 30 minutes (in between tweets) whether we were about to go to war with Korea. Check your recent headlines. This is not any way to run a country.

Schumer is a neoliberal hack, and Sessions is still a flaming racist. You only need check his own comments over the years.

The fact that you are not an American citizen explains why you think that the EPA is a bad thing. Muck up your own country and leave mine alone. We want to leave our grandchildren clean air and water and no industrial advancement is worth that price. They can’t even breathe the air in China or drink the water in India, but I suppose you think that’s a good thing.

If single payer is so bad, why is it the dominant theme in health care, and why does every country with single payer have people receiving health care that’s superior to what we have here?

As for Planned Parenthood, how can you possibly be against an organization working to stamp out unwanted teen pregnancies? For every pregnancy termination that they sponsor, they likely prevent a couple hundred with birth control. Any idiot can figure that out.

I’m glad you can’t vote in our elections. It’s people like you that mucked up my country, and the less of you there are voting, the better off we’ll be.

And by the way, if you’re living in America and not a citizen, watch out. Trump is coming for you. And the journalists will be next. Hitler didn’t start locking people up in concentration camps his first year in office.

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