Shorten Your URL With ombaQ!

It’s a long running problem in between social media users, that sometimes what they wanted to say is long enough, so they hit character or word limit. This usually happened on social media platform that has character or words limit on it, such as Twitter, where you’re only allowed to post 140 characters for each tweet.

The worst thing about these character limits is not just you can’t type anymore words, but you’re also limited when it comes to posting your sitelinks or pictures!

Realizing those problems, we here at ombaQ is here to provide you with a solution to your problem! Introducing, our world renowned link shortener!

How to use it?

Simply follow these steps:

1. Prepare the content of your brand, the caption, the picture, etc. Do it all at the dialog’s main text area.
 2. Add the link by typing it or pasting it directly in the text area.
 3. If you somehow hit character limit (usually happen at twitter), check the Shortening URLs checkbox at the bottom of dialog and your link is now shortened with on it.

Why should you use

The ombaQ’s Link Shortener also will enable you to track your content through our app’s Content Insights feature. Check our article on ombaQ’s feature: Content Insights for more information regarding said feature.

Some user might also noticed that earlier ombaQ used google shortened link, which was Don’t worry! You can still track it just like you normally do. The only thing that changes now is that if you shortened your link through ombaQ, it will be shortened into

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