Three Things You Need to Know to Master Instagram

Instagram famously known as a social media for pictures. Whether you are a pro photographer, someone with loves of taking pictures, or even using it for business, Instagram make sure you can share your daily activities or hobbies with pictures. Not only pictures, though, because nowadays Instagram allow you to post videos too.

But just how, exactly, do you master Instagram?

Use the Most Popular Hashtag

If you think your pictures never get likes, it’s probably because you were using uncommon hashtag. To find out the most popular hashtag, you can type in the hashtag you want to use at the caption, wait for a moment, then Instagram will show you some hashtag with numbers next to it, showing how many people been using that hashtag. People tend to search through Instagram using the most popular hashtag. Using that, people will be able to find your post much easier. You can also use ombaQ’s analytic feature to help you choosing the right hashtag.

Edit Your Caption

Probably you were too busy or in hurry to notice you just mistype the words on your caption. Worry not, because Instagram give you second chance to fix your mistake. You just have to choose the option button near your picture, then choose edit. ombaQ also allow you to create your caption before you post your picture through ombaQ.

Add Another Account

Want to have Instagram for things outside personal pleasure? Just add a second account for your Instagram. You don’t need new e-mail, just sign up with a new username and a password of your choice. You can also add up to five accounts for an e-mail at Instagram. If you’re using Instagram for business and have a team managing it, but you’re worry about password sharing, just use ombaQ’s collaborate feature. This feature allow you to add and assign team to manage your Instagram and other social media account.

There are actually lots of things you have to master in Instagram. To help you, you can use ombaQ and it’s very own special feature. Why wait? Let’s start using ombaQ!
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