Writing Prompt 1

This was inspired by a writing prompt from Reddit. Excuse the format and punctuation wrote it on break at work on my tablet.

"We have to do something!"

This was the first time the toys had talked to me. I knew they could talk, that's all they did while Jason was at school, but they never included me. Now here I was looking into a stuffed bears beady eyes, without any pupils they were obsidian black, and yet I could see warmth and worry inside of them.

"What can we do?" The bear, whose name I did not know, asked me in earnest.

As I crawled out from underneath my bed, and rose to my full height towering over the bear and his friends, I decided that, although I survived on fear, this abuse from his own family was wrong. This was a fear no child should have to suffer.

"I will help, but only with Jason's permission."

As I said this the stuffed animals all gasped. Rightfully so, because in exposing ourselves we were breaking the Accords to do this. The punishment for doing so was worse than death, but there are some things you must do regardless of the consequences. What I had planned didn't just break the Accords, it threw them through a wood chipper then shit all over them.

As I explained my plan to the bear, the rabbit, and the lamb; a strange calmness came over me. In doing this I was going to be condemned to die. My name would be struck from the Tome of Mon and I would be cast out to never scare again. The fright of children fed us, as a succubus feeds on the sexual energy of her victims, we from Under the Bed survived on the fear that all children have of the dark. Yet lately Jason was not scared by my attempts, no the child suffered at the hands of the worst kind of monster. I was already hungry, already dying, if this was my fate I would go down in my own way.

When Jason arrived home after school the plan had already been agreed upon. It was designed in a way to spare the toys from any of the blame, he would need their comfort more than mine.

I approached him slowly from behind, for once trying not to frighten the young one.

"Jason", I whispered, "I am here to help."

Jason jumped, then nervously turned around. I was surprised, and also saddened, when he smiled upon seeing me. Knowing I was not the scariest thing this young boy had ever faced hurt me more than anything.

"Are you the Monster from Under my Bed?"

"I am," I said, "and I'm sorry to have frightened you today." Words I never thought I would speak.

I explained what I wanted to do, leaving the toys' out of it. A child's imagination can be both a blessing and a curse, I was trying to give him some room left to wonder. Jason agreed to the plan and while we waited for night to fall I told him stories of my home, of my childhood, and of the son I once had. Before long his mother has summoned him for dinner, he glanced my way and nervously made his way to the dining room.

While he ate I explained to the toys that they will soon be his guardian's. They will be the ones to catch his tears and help him heal from this abhorrent act. As I heard Jason returning from dinner I hugged each of them and placed them upon the shelf overlooking the bed. Only then did I realize all that they must have seen.

Upon Jason's return he started to get ready for bed. I went over my plan and tried my hardest to instill courage into my voice. I knew that I could pull this off easily, but I was scared for this child. I prayed to the gods of his world and mine that he would recover and be healthy. It was all I could think to do as he brushed his teeth, the silence punctured only by the scraping of bristles against his teeth and the water washing it all down the drain.

As I tucked him in I cried, tears of red fell from my face and dampened his cheek before disappearing entirely. He sat up, grabbed my face and tenderly wiped the remaining tears from my face.

"Thank you," he said, barely a whisper, "thank you."

As I crawled back under the bed awaiting the real monster's return, I grew angry at myself. For weeks I knew something was wrong and yet I just tried to scare the kid even more. It wasn't until last night when I arrived late, did I realize what was wrong. I didn't know how things would work out after tonight but I knew there would be at least two less monsters in this world.

It had been two years since that night and the police had chalked the father's disappearance up to guilt. They assumed he had felt so guilty he had decided to leave and never come back. Jason was undergoing therapy and so far things were looking up. In the beginning he had night terrors but those passed with time, as things often do. He enjoyed his 10th birthday surrounded by friends and ate too much cake. He spent the day laughing and playing and as he crawled into bed that night he said a silent thank you to his guardian's above his bed. He thanked his bear for his fierceness, his rabbit for his swiftness, his lamb for his gentleness, and lastly he thanked the oddly shaped stuffed creature, with 6 arms and 4 eyes, for taking his father away.


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