Why I’m done arguing with Trump voters (especially if they’re my Dad)

It’s 11p.m. and I’m angry. Hunched over my laptop at the kitchen table, furiously hyperlinking articles, pasting in screenshots of Tweets, I’m six emails deep in an argument with my Dad. He’s 67, retired, and gets his news from Fox. He tells me he watches Trump’s daily briefing and trusts the President is doing all he can. No one could have seen this coming, and it’s all Nancy Pelosi’s fault anyways. Oh, and the CDC’s models are wrong.

We decided to stop talking politics years ago because our conversations don’t take long to go sideways. But none of the normal…

Thoughts Opinions #7

On the lasting legacy of the Sanders campaign.

Appearing split screen alongside the former Vice President on April 13th, Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden for President. “We need you in the White House. And I will do all that I can to make that happen,” the Vermont Senator said, capping a remarkable chapter that began in 2015 with his insurgent run against Hillary Clinton. So, what now?

For Sanders supporters: frustration and a sense of mourning for the revolution that will not come to pass. For Biden supporters: relief and a hope for unity looking ahead to November.

But Bernie and his supporters have won far more than…

The Coronavirus pandemic can be a turning point for capitalism, for the better. Our current crisis is unique, but it’s only brought our economic system’s flaws into sharper relief.

Capitalism has tremendous positives. Namely, it’s more efficient than any other system we’ve tried. Goods are allocated to those willing to pay, not by a central authority. Indeed, the implementation of market-driven economies has brought hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in the span of a single generation, namely in China and India.

The system is not without its disadvantages. It’s humanity’s defining double-edged sword. …

On Super Tuesday, Democratic voters were asked about their most important issue. The majority did not say climate change. They did not say social justice, gun control, or even healthcare. As results poured in, exit polls told a clear story about what mattered most. In the previous 24 hours, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar had suspended their campaigns, narrowing the field and clarifying the choice for many voters: Joe Biden, the moderate, incrementalist former Vice President, or Bernie Sanders, the Democratic-Socialist and advocate for progressive political revolution. The choice was clear: pragmatism or progressivism. And pragmatism won. The most important…

Here’s a question for you: what does a Trump voter look like? Could you pick one out of a lineup? Many think they can. In 2016, journalists rushed to understand the “working-class white people who make up the bulk of Trump’s fan base” and detailed the “[Republican] party’s growing ranks of working-class voters.” As a result, the average Trump voter looks to many on the left like a white man, probably in his 50’s or 60’s. He is rough around the edges — maybe he’s a truck driver or a laid off factory worker in Ohio. He’s wary of political…

Shawn O’Meara

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