The struggles

My name is OEO and I am a current Youth Corper batch A 2016. I plan to use this platform as a means to tell you about my experiences during this year of services and also a bit about myself.

I had my foundation degree in it for e business (Kingston University) and my degree in mass communication from Esep le Berger University. As the only child I was lucky to have a fairly rich family which afforded me the opportunity to spend some parts of my growing up abroad. I lost my father 10 years ago in 2006 and that was a big blow to me and my mother. My mother decided to return to Nigeria and I later followed suit against the many warnings to stay there and brave whatever situation.

Schooling in the UK I managed to get involved in some hobbies and discovered a few skills like rugby, cinematography and photography.

Almost 10 years later I find myself serving Nigeria with no realistic job prospects after service. I plan to tell you of the pain,struggle, highs and lows of trying to be an Independent man in Nigeria.

Follow me on my journey and you can reach me on