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Introducing OMGSwap

OMGSwap is a dApp build upon the Ethereum blockchain. The first DeFi project to hit market from the Southeast of Asia. is the swapping service that the current market needs. And on our way to reaching the mainstream market we need diversity. Diversity is what the Binance Smart Chain can deliver. Leveraging Binance Smart Chain (BSC) we get to have both faster transactions and lower gas fees. A win-win situation right!
We thought it too.

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Omega Protocol Ltd.

Southeast Asian First DeFi Project

Omega Protocol is Decentralized Financial Protocol. (Ǒmega Protocol started from 9th August 2020)

Omega Protocol is decentralized finance (Open finance) refers to the crypto (digital) assets and ethereum smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized application (dApp) built on ethereum.

  • OMGSwap
  • ODEX
  • OMGSwap Info
  • Prime Staking (Developing)
  • Prime Vault (Developing)


Our OMGSwap (OMG) -

Omega DeFi

Ǒmega Protocol is Southeast Asian First #DeFi Decentralized Financial Protocol Project

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