What happens if I don’t have a Motor Insurance for my car?

The car was actually invented as a convenient place to sit out Traffic jams but who knew they would be the reason for it?”

The recent incident of a Multi-vehicle crash due to a car pile- up leaving 26 people hurt are some of the heart-breaking accidents that occur frequently and very often in Dubai. Breaking down the incident and looking at it from an eagle eye view, you can understand that the population in Dubai has increased significantly leading to a mutual increase in number of cars.

Breaking this further down, approximately an average person takes a minimum of 2 hours to commute to and from work every single day proving how highly populated Dubai has become in recent days. In such a traffic prone environment as this, if one cannot even think of traveling in a car expecting to be on time, can you even think about travelling without a car Insurance?

“Even if we drive safe, we never know how the person opposite to us come”

This summarizes why it is always safer for every car owner to insure the car before it is too late because even the famous proverb tells us that, “Prevention is better than cure”.

In general there are 2 types of Motor Insurance:

  • Comprehensive –covers the driver and other cars
  • Third party- covers the opposite party and the passenger alone

People who are really very confident about their driving skills opt for the Third Party Motor Insurance scheme but as we said before,

“Prevention is always better than cure”

What will Dealerships do to your Car?

  • Many Dealerships come up with promotions where they guarantee a free Insurance with the purchase of a new car especially during the times of Ramadan.
  • You would report to them with a broken door claiming for the Insurance to cover the issue but the provider might tell, “Sorry, this Insurance Scheme does not cover the problem”.

This is why you will have to read all the scheme related documents from promotions carefully.

So, the question is not whether you have a Car Insurance or not, it is what type of Car Insurance you have

Comprehensive Car Insurance

When you accidentally run into another car causing a damage to both the cars and if the passenger is hurt, had you signed up for a Comprehensive Car Insurance Scheme,

It will take care of all the expenses and let you lead a pleasant and happy life but if you hadn’t, then you will have to pay for all the damage from your own pocket.

Medical Expenses in Dubai has grown tremendously

Medical expenses in Dubai as you might now, is not only exorbitantly high but by the time you re-assure everything and get back to lead a normal life, it would have left a huge loss in your savings.

Tough Case Analysis

The other instance might be that you are a very careful and skilled driver but still the person on the opposite side might have accidentally run into you causing an irreparable damage. In this situation, if that person has an insurance claimed you might sigh an air of relief but if he doesn’t have his car insured then you might still go and sue him for the loss inflicted. But what if he is in a situation where he really can’t pay?

What do I do?

When it comes to life there is no easy way out and the same applies to your car as well. We at Omega Insurance believe that cars are not just a mere medium of Transportation because so much of your time, effort, money, research and emotion goes into buying that right car for you and to make sure you do everything perfect, we always stand beside to assist and guide you. From providing the most economical to the best suitable we guarantee to have to have your car covered for,

Cars are not JUST a medium of Transportation
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