(CodeTrace February Updates)

The most important change of this month is in the direction the project is moving. We decided to make the project more transparent to you and focus more on the open-source direction.

Since a lot of developers asked us whether they can contribute to the project, we decided to make some parts of the project open-source. We are currently preparing repositories for going public.

Meanwhile, 3 libs are already available on our GitHub:
https://github.com/codetraceio/react-modular-ui — UI part
https://github.com/codetraceio/path-router — Router
https://github.com/codetraceio/rex — Storage

We updated the “About” page (https://codetrace.com/about) so you can see all the people who contributed to the project over time. We appreciate any commitment so anyone who contributed to the project will appear on this page. The only thing is the threshold might change over time.

We are preparing a crazy update, stay tuned!

CodeTrace Team

Supporting IE11 in 2020

= spending 10% of the development budget on 2% of users

Brief history

Internet Explorer was originally released in 1995 and got a peak of popularity in 2003 (about 95% of users). The last version of the browser is Internet Explorer 11, the development of the browser is stopped, but it still receives security updates. Currently, it has only 2% of the market share and it comes out of the box with Windows 10.

What is the deal with supporting IE11?

  1. Developers have to spend time on fixing IE related bugs.
  2. Some modern features are not working in IE11 (for example, HTML Grids) consider spending time on workarounds.
  3. You might periodically lose engineers who don’t want to support IE11.


In this series, I will try to describe popular JavaScript interview questions and provide enough details to understand the topic, but at the same time will try to keep it short.

JavaScript Interview Questions

1. What is closure in JavaScript?

A closure is a function created inside of another function that can have access to the scope of the parent function.

function inc() {
let counter = 0;
return function() {
return ++counter;
const usages = inc();
usages(); // 1
usages(); // 2
usages(); // 3

Note that variable counter from the outer function scope will exist after the execution of inc function. It will be removed…

One of the main goals of CodeTrace is to help non-developers understand developer skills — without understanding the underlying technologies. So here is a brief description of the main CodeTrace metrics and what they actually mean.

CodeTrace — Under The Hood

The “Overview” Section

This section on the screen provides brief information about the developer. Back-end badge — given to the people who are familiar with libraries that help to build APIs, work with databases and other back-end specific packages. (This means that at least 10 libraries, frameworks or tools with the skill are detected, it can be the same package used in 10 projects, the same criteria…

Programming is like sex

In my career, I have noticed a lot of cases when on the stage project has tonnes of source code, developers wast time to fix issues that could be easily illuminated on the project initiation phase.

I’ve prepared a list of simple suggestions that will help to get rid of issues in the early stages.

1. Think big

Usually, when I ask developers why stuff is hardcoded that much or why things become so complex, they use to say “We thought it will be a short project.” I would recommend to, think of any project as something big, even if it’s your pet…

Communication with Recruiters

This month we were working on improving communication between our users and recruiters. From the business perspective, we have started providing lists of the candidates, to recruiters. The generate the lists, we are matching user qualification with job descriptions provided by the recruiters. We are using only data of the users, who are mentioned that they are looking for a job.

So, in case you are looking for a job you can fill in Job Information in your profile. In case you are searching for a talent, feel free to contact us.

Settings Updates

Form UI perspective, we reorganized settings, by separating…

We have started working on CodeTrace about a year ago and it is right time to tell what we have reached.

I am going to start with prehistory of this project. The idea was to create a way to have a certified approach for assessing developer’s real qualifications. Something like a technical resume, where every achievement is proved by something or someone. After while we figured out that it could be done based on the publicly available code from the GitHub and similar services. It took about 1 month to create very simple algorithm, user interface and launch beta version…

Hayk Hovhannisyan

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