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COVID-19 has pushed companies to re-evaluate their traditional ways of doing things and as a result, led to innovation in the reporting and analytics space. There is actually a website tracking all COVID innovations. At the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, we had all hands on deck to assess risk within our supply chain and report out supply surety. The ask was to build a solution around the surety program and push the program to achieve months of maturity in matter of days. As my previous article notes, our Data, Solutions & Analytics (DSnA) team is functionally aligned with…

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The Data, Solutions & Analytics (DSnA) team supports business teams within T-Mobile’s Procurement & Network Supply Chain (P&NSC) and Regional Network Engineering & Operations (RNE&O) organizations. These teams are responsible for billions of dollars in spend, thousands of units of material flow through the supply chain and thousands of successful network development projects executed every year. Organizations of such impact need critical, timely and reliable analytic insights to support business decisions. DSnA has transformed itself into a hybrid technology team with full stack development capabilities; from data engineering to software development to data science and analytics development. …

Omer Farooq

Technology leader at T-Mobile focused on building the trusted data & analytics products with maximum business impact.

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