How to Overcome Fear

Chase your fear if you want to fade your fear

Chasing fear means you are no more afraid of your shortcomings, which ultimately leads to a sense of fear. For example, if you are having a problem speaking in front of a large group, you start sweating and have a nervous feeling around people.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing will help you lessen your fear. Taking slow, long breaths could be more effective to detoxify & restore the feeling of calm.

Self-Compassion Break

Self-compassion involves mercy on yourself. Just like nothing is fixed overnight, you can’t go away your fear straightway. So, we should have compassion for ourselves. Praise yourself in the mirror & keep practicing sympathy. You will gradually notice meaningful results.

Don’t be afraid of judgmental people

There are always people around us who are judgmental. Because of this, we are more afraid to do the thing we’re already afraid of.

Share your fear with a close one

Sometimes it is not a fear, it is just a thought that what if it will happen. Sharing your certain emotions of fear with a friend who understands your struggles and encourages you is necessary for life.



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