A critical analysis of the iOS 10 lockscreen experience

These analysis is not accurate and far from an in depth study. A few thoughts:

1: there is a pagination indicator in the widget section if you swipe to the end

2: iOS 9 and below have left to right swipes to access apps through notifications as well

3: you miss the bottom to top swipe to access camera and contextual apps (i.e.: beacon based, periferal based) on previous iOS versions. The latter is still present.

4: camera is actually kind of the same: gesture to access it, use home button to go back,. Which is more than common on iOS UX.

5: force touch (which I know it’s not present on all devices but it is here to stay) allows better interactions with notifications. Personally I think it’s useful.

I can go on…

Finally, comparing with material design makes no sense, completely different paradigms, plus android is not that intuitive or consistent either.

From a UX perspective, people already know touch basic interactions, these technology isn’t new anymore, so in my point of view, these changes aren’t so misleading to users.

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