Voting for Donald — Witnessing the mutation

Dear reader. I’m not an American, although I personally believe ideas are more advanced and preferable to geography, genes and rituals. I hope you think that way and read on with an open mind and patience.

Most of you already know that the people of the world if not the leaders of those people, are appalled by the candidacy of Donald Trump, let alone his potential to be elected POTUS. I know from my own personal experience that this will make some even more adamant to vote for the guy. Something about going against the grain and being against all odds is appealing. That feeling has enabled us to do the right thing so many times in our history. But not everything that feels right is right. Anyone who has been through an abusive relationship would tell you that.

In times of doubt, there is something else inside of us to use as a compass. Something beyond boundaries of geography and culture. A common thread to which we are all drawn. So I won’t mention Donald Trump anymore and instead I’ll just try to remind you of that universal compass.

The core Jewish identity is that they weren’t less of a human and that they deserved a better life. Christians exalted love and meekness. They could conceive a good samaritan. Islam, again, appealed to slaves and the weak when they heard the only thing that made a person superior was their belief in their equality under god and their adherence to that belief with actions.

Similarly a patriotic American probably knows what the United States is built on. They know about the Gettysburg Address which underlines that very core: “…a new nation conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.” What people of the world can not help but respect, can not help but like about United States is the core and how much that common dream is reflected on the actions of its followers.

So this belief of equality and its appeal is ancient, timeless and without boundaries at its essence. You aren’t less of a human than those who look down on you. In the creation of the United States however, there was something new. It was newly born. It was less mutated, less of a mere identity. It was tested true through suffrage, abolishing slavery, and racial discrimination. It adapted, with the vast majority of Americans today internalizing the obvious updates to that core. Better than their parents, as they should be. As there is no possibility to be great again without being better than before.

And as we move through time, change is a constant. Some will perish through mutation or stagnation. Few will adapt. We have seen this happen before so many times with genes and rituals and ideas. But those who rediscover and realign themselves with that core idea will often provide a warning: “Do not stray or you will fall.” That divine path, for lack of a better phrase, will keep existing but through someone other than you. It will not be the grace that falls, but you, falling from it. Repeated, tested, true.

The need for change means something is not right. But again, as an abusive relationship survivor would tell you, it does not mean that all change is for the better. The Declaration of Independence asserts the right and the duty of revolution for that very desire. Revolution which must be in service to securing the unalienable rights which the founding fathers knew to be the one that mattered. A self-evident truth, it seemed, but one that can be forgotten with complacency and fervor. That not only are we equal to the ones that look down on us, we are also equal to the ones looking up to us. That we become free by submitting to the right of all to be free. That everyone has a right to pursue happiness. A belief that is only true when believed in earnest.

As slaves, do we want the system abolished or do we just want slaves of our own? Do we want justice only when we need it or do we want justice in its pure form? Do we say “I’m not worse than you” only to then say “You though, are worse than me”? As animals do we believe all animals are equal? Or will we let that idea turn into a hollow identity as someone writes “Some animals are more equal” underneath it? Will we mutate and diverge or will we adapt and keep the core intact? Will we repeat the sins of our fathers or teach our children to repent from our own?

I don’t know. I just believe that blessed are the meek and that pride goes before the fall.