Zero passing skills? He looks like a great passer.
Michael Kirk

Michael Kirk, I’m not sure how you came to this conclusion, as you only see 1–2 passes in the highlights. But regardless, evaluating a player from highlights is a recipe for disaster. Bender can pass from time to time a high-low pass (due to his good shooting ability), but his passing skills off-dribble or from the post is almost non-existent in NBA terms.

Today, he can offer very good weak-side defense with his long arms and good anticipation, and some pretty good shooting ability as a stretch 4. Other than that, he will be a defensive liability, weak rebounder and a soft offensive player. I hope I’ll be wrong, but he doesn’t come near to what Porzingis seems to inherently posses. I really do hope I am wrong — as a non-American, I want as many as possible to do well in the NBA and globalize the game further.

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