Nobody Goes to Art School to Make Money, so Fuck Off

About financial predators, overzealous trend hunters and other industry dicks™ at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program gallery show

It’s ok to tell anyone exploiting you to fuck off.

The Interactive Telecommunications Program. Photo by Tom Igoe
Firewall, ITP 2014. Yes, it’s made of tech.
A wall of penises. Because art school
ITP Show. Photo by Tom Igoe

“What are the commercial applications of this?”

“How can this be monetised?”

Fred Wilson tweeting about Thinnair, my project for the ITP Winter 2013 show, in collaboration with prof. Ken Perlin

Nobody goes to art school to make money.

An investor examining art

“How can you be had sex with?”

A famous tech investor
Kinograph, a $500 open source telecine converter. It’s about openness, it’s against DRM.
Proposed format of meeting between investors and inventors (illustration: ca$

Omer Shapira

High-Functioning Millennial

High-Functioning Millennial