The Rising Drug Culture in Pakistan

Pakistan is infamous for a lot of things; it’s not surprising that Drug Production and Addiction have been a major problem for Pakistan since the last 20 years from now.

“Around 7 million drug addicts in Pakistan, Senate told”

According to a recent survey conducted there are a total of 7 Million Drug Addicts in Pakistan and a total of 700 People die every day due to drugs related issues and what is more surprising is that the daily death toll due to drug addiction is way more than those caused by Terrorism which is 39 Deaths per day

Who is to be blamed?

Though Pakistan has been declared as a Poppy Free Country in 2011 but still poppy seeds fields can be found all over the northern areas of Pakistan.

The Issue of Drug addiction has always been overshadowed by other issues such as illiteracy, Poverty, Unemployment etc, but according to a recent research it has been discovered that Drug consumption within the region has increased drastically, While other countries such as India, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh are also suffering from the same issue, Presently Pakistan has the Biggest Heroin Consumer Market for within the South- West Asia Region.

This was not the situation always, the Smuggle of heroin started within Pakistan since the influx of Afghan Refugees escaping the soviet invasion in the 1980’s and since then Pakistan became a major exporter of Heroin and not only Heroin, Pakistan is one of the prime importers of Opium which is further processed within the region for domestic use.

The Major Chunk of users includes teenagers ranging from ages 16 and over, Belonging to some of the poorest areas to one of the Wealthiest areas in Pakistan, Yes! it’s not only the Lower Class sector who is into drug Addiction but the Upper Class Sector is equally Involved . The most commonly Drugs used in Pakistan are Cannabis, Heroin, Crystal, MDM capsules and Shrooms. These kinds of drugs are very easily and conveniently available throughout the area and doesn’t even costs that much to buy them. Rave parties are regularly organized secretly within the region and High Profile DJ’s are called over to promote the consumption of Drugs and Alcohol, Police and law Enforcing Agencies provide Security and Support to such gatherings and Drug Trafficking and in return they get heavy bribes. Government has also not paid much attention to this issue and seems to be much ignorant about it. Though Pakistan has strict laws regarding the consumption and production of Drugs but such measures have proved almost zero effect instead such drug issues are dissolving Pakistan’s Social Cohesion.

The issue of Drug Abuse has reached to enormous Heights and countries are fighting to get rid of this issue once and for all but with the Globalization of Drugs Abuse this issue has gone from bad to Worst. Countries need to understand that such issues cannot be tackled at individual Level. It is High time that the South Asians countries sit together to tackle the issue of Drug Abuse Globally.