Latest Trends: In Escape Rooms

Games are being played since forever. People of different age groups are playing games with their friends, family and everyone around them. The games haven’t changed in itself but the means, trends and the way surely have. The new trends that are emerging with an uproar are Escape Room Games. The playing field have changed from the whole land as a ground to a definite set, which is procedurally created. Everyone, especially the millennials are the active participants of these Escape room games, which has provided them with an adventurous journey to experience with their friends.

Escape room games are live games that puts a player in a locked room where the puzzles have to be found and solved, using the elements presented in the room. The game is to be finished in a limited time period and are located in various locations as in prison cells and dungeons. These Escape rooms have now presence around the world namely Japan, Canada, North America, Europe among many others.

These games have become a huge part of people’s daily life as it doesn’t have limited purpose of entertainment with friends only but is also been used for educational purposes by students, by corporates for team building, tourists and families for various reasons. So, there are new trends emerging in Escape Room Games in these forms:

  • The teachers are using these games to teach their students while maintaining their interests in a learning environment. It makes the learning far more interesting than sitting in a classroom where students learn from books. These games supports kids through immersion and engagement and helps them in their social skills as well as creates an interactive atmosphere. It is a fun way of having kids come together and learn in the process.
  • These games are also a way of bringing families together as they are not just for kids but for people of various age groups. The fast paced life now-a-days have left people with little to no time for their families and these games are lucrative in this big way. The families take part in these Escape Room games which brings them together while playing and helping out each other in the proces.
  • The Escape room games are being used in corporate strategies to bring the employees together and to a create a cohesive work environment. The team building events that had been used, doesn’t hold much interest to employees and are often boring to indulge. These Games are emerging trend in engaging employees in team building events as they are far more fun and adventurous.
  • The conventional method of visiting museums, sightseeing have taken a turn to these Escape Room games in tourists and travellers book of entertainment.These are different from the old way of touristing and brings a uniqueness that is far more appealing and interesting to be a part of.

Escape Room Games’ emerging trends are very attractive, informative as well as fun to to experience. It is widely gathering attraction of people but it also triggers over excitement emotions of people and they tend to destroy and tear the equipments, decorations and other objects in the fake cell. But in overall, these trends are changing people’s way of interacting, learning and playing while making it fun.