Freelancing while female.

Charlsie Niemiec
Aug 7, 2017 · 1 min read
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10 things you’ll hear as a female freelancer, guaranteed.

  1. “You’re so pretty/sexy/beautiful/gorgeous/attractive/cute.”
  2. “I bet you get a lot of work because you’re a woman.”
  3. “You need to come down on your price or else.”
  4. “I am NOT paying you that, missy.”
  5. “I would hire you but I bet you’re the kinda girl that doesn’t date her clients.”
  6. “Are you married or seeing someone?”
  7. “You know your stuff, but I don’t hire women.”
  8. “Why aren’t you married?”
  9. “Don’t try to pull that feminist crap with me.”
  10. “You’re too focused on business.”

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