2 Ways to Make Your Indie Game More Visible on Twitch

First, get your game listed on Twitch!

How are fans supposed to watch your game on Twitch if they can’t find it? It’s important to make sure your game is listed on Twitch so streamers can tag it when they play your game.

Browsing for games on Twitch.tv

Submit your game to Giantbomb here: http://www.giantbomb.com/game/create/

Second step is to make sure Twitch has your game’s box art!

Even though I’ve submitted art to Giantbomb, I’ve found that sometimes it doesn’t carry through to Twitch (if at all).

1. The game must already exist in the Twitch game directory.

2. The image size needs to be 600px x 800px and must be a .jpg. The image cannot contain a developer logo, a platform logo or an ESRB rating. Please use official boxart!

After you’ve organized your game’s box art, there are two ways to submit the image:

Way #1

Thankfully, Twitch has recently added a Developer portal where you can publish your game’s art instantly, along with other tools! Unfortunately, you still have to approved for the portal, which means you need to have permission from the developer or an email address that reflects the developer/publisher’s name. Either way, you still have to wait to be approved into the system first.

Way #2

If, for some reason, you can’t get access to the developer portal, there is another way to submit box art for your game. Unfortunately, this way takes a while as it has to go through a manual approval process by someone at Twitch. Before you get started with this, you have to wait until your game is approved on Giantbomb and added to Twitch’s Database.

Search for the game.
Copy the URL from your game’s page on Twitch.

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Evangelist for @innervateinc. Game Industry Cat lady. PC Gamer.

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Evangelist for @innervateinc. Game Industry Cat lady. PC Gamer.