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Jan 29, 2017

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Tiny VR-enabled drones, inflatable Star Wars droids and a nippy electric skateboard were our favourites from this year’s London Toy Fair.

The largest toy showcase in the UK, the Toy Fair sees brands from all over the world gather to show off what they think will be the biggest hits of the year. We hauled our cameras around the show floor to bring you our picks of the show.



Pokemon and Star Wars dominate 2017’s hottest toys

We loved the inflatable, remote-controlled BB-8 droid, and can’t wait to do ourselves an injury on the speedy Razor X Cruiser electric skateboard — both of which you’ll see shown off in our video from the show floor.

Here’s a list of everything we highlighted in our video:

  • Welly “Back to the Future” Delorean (£45, which is about $55 or AU$75)
  • 3Doodler Start Essentials (£49 or $49, which is about AU$80)
  • Bladez Toyz Inflatable RC BB-8 (£40, which is about $50 or AU$65)
  • Razor X Cruiser (£230, which is about $290 or AU$385)
  • Micro Drone 3 (£150, which is about $190 or AU$250)
  • Mardles Stories That Come To Life (£7, which is about $9 or AU$12)

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