Making to help with names

I just launched, a free and open source service to help us with pronouncing each other’s name. Here’s the back story.


1. Living With an Uncommon Name

Usually people don’t get my family name in first few tries as it’s not a common one. Even though I have learnt to not worry about that too much, still I feel bad when I see someone struggling to pronounce my name.

2. Listenning to Lots of Podcasts

I like listenning to podcasts. One of my favorites is The Change Log. It’s very common to hear the hosts of The Changelog, Adam and Jerod, guessing, pronouncing, and then apologizing for mispronounciation of the names. But one time I actually heard them struggling with myown family name. It was then that I really hoped I could do something about it.

3. Idea

The idea is simply asking people to login by twitter and record the pronounciation of their names. So that others can find the recordings and listen to the right pronounciation to get the name more easily.

4. Implementation

Being mere mortals, we don’t alwasy get the chance to bring our ideas to life. But this time I was lucky and during my commutes and summer vacation it was possible to make a betha version of with a modest knowledge of React and Nodejs. But it’s free and open source hoping that others will help me to improve it. All the code is on github: Link

The goal is to get to the point that If you know someone’s twitter handle, you can find out how that person’s name is pronounced.

Feel free to say hi on twitter: @omidfi

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