I’m Sorry Chris

On Wednesday night I went to bed after watching one of my idols, Metallica, play live. While I was there I thought, wow this is amazing they are still doing what they love and are still great at it.

Then I woke up at 3 AM to catch a flight, and the first thing I read was about Chris Cornell passing. Chris was one of my idols. How could this happen? He was so young? He seemed to have it together.

As the day went on we discovered it was a likely suicide, and that hurt. How could this be true? He had such a great life and such a great family. How could he just end it like this? But the more I thought about it the worse I felt.

Because I imagine in order to do what he did, and leave his family behind, he must have been in an awful place. And that is what is the worse part. What if all these years , all the great music that I was enjoying really came from a dark dark place, and we were just reveling in it for our personal pleasure.

What if the words weren’t just words, and we played a role in this? I surely hope not. But I am just so sad by it that I can’t even listen to any of his music just yet.

I just hope he has found some peace and that his family feels the love that we all felt for him.