14 Ways to find cheap flights to anywhere in the World

There was a time when traveling in flights used to be only for the super-rich, but with competition in the aviation industry, fuel prices spiraling down and changes in lifestyle, flying has become an affordable travel option. Despite that, there is a prevalent misconception that flying to your dream destination can cost you a fortune. That is a sheer myth. Here are some insider secrets that will help you book cheap flights when planning your next vacation and might even convert you to a frequent flyer.

  1. What you see and what you get:

When planning a journey, you can book your flight tickets directly from the airline website but the smarter thing to do is to get your tickets from travel agents at a great discount. This price difference between what you see on the airline website and what you can get from the travel agent is because travel agents are allowed to offer significant discounts to their customers to quickly fill up the seats. This little trick can save you around $100 depending on your travel destination. This money saved might increase if you are looking at international destinations.

Image Source: abc.net.au

2. Early bird takes the prize:

Like in all matters, booking your flight tickets early can be extremely cost-efficient. Ticket pricing in the aviation industry works on a complex algorithm to maximize revenue generation based on human psychology & buying pattern. In simple terms, the prices of the seats on a flight get jacked up as the travel date approaches. The airline figures that the closer you get to the travel date, the higher will be the rush ensuring a readiness to pay more for the same seat. You are better off booking your tickets early thereby avoiding getting ripped off by this complex mathematical model. However, too early might not help you. The best time to buy your tickets is around 60 days prior to your travel date.

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