Journey from wannapreneur to entrepreneur — Things I learnt.

  1. No money? Good, that’s when you start innovating. — I tried most of the possible sources for funds so as I can start my venture. Even I asked one of the well known Angel Investor to fund me 2 Lakh Rupees to build prototype website and register company. Sometimes I laugh on myself how crazy I was! Every PC we using now we bought from ‘KABADIWALA’. We repaired them. Just like that from Spike guard to flower pot in office everything in our company is either repaired or borrowed. To start venture, it’s not necessary to have money. Only thing you need is how badly you want it.
Building startup from “scrap”

2. Best thing about you is “YOU”- Know yourself, your weaknesses. Think how you can overcome from it. There is no other best motivation than fear of failing. Be aware of people who speak, ‘we should, we could’. Even before registering company, I lost two co-founders; one of them was suppose to be the only money guy in company and the other guy got opportunity to Japan. Celebrate these incidents, everything happens for good reason. Every morning you wake up with feeling if I not gave my best efforts then today is last day of your company and you sleep with mindset, “yes, I am the Next Big Thing ! “

3. Don’t just Startup, Be the rock solid Evangelist — Every great product start with great ideas and great ideas originates or pushed by change agents, be the one. I spent two hours with team, we discuss on all topics. Being a No money startup it’s very difficult to break the market, you get insulted at least ten times a day. It’s your job to motivate disappointed marketing teammates. Don’t try to be the star, be the sky for those stars.

4. Intentions doesn’t matter, only outcomes — Everyday you come across different type of clients, people who will tell you, how different you are from competitors but that doesn’t make any sense till it is reflected in revenue sheets. Execution is super critical.

5. Watching Startup in action is NIRVANA — I started this journey alone, without money without any technical knowledge. I saw the dream of, one year back And only thing was in my mind, I can’t think of one reason why I want to be entrepreneur, but I can think 1000’s why I should quit. Their comes a moment when it’s more than just a game. You can take step forward or walk away. But here is the thing, I love to play, play in the field as hard as i can, And Believe me, Watching startup in action is NIRVANA.