Spectiv is a platform that invites users all over the world to view the streaming content of Virtual Reality (VR). the primary mission of spectiv is to provide quality and incredible capabilities to their users of VR.

Spectiv allow to them to make the video in streaming reality with their VR equipment. then they recorded the activities and upload. the use of VR can be done in a variety of events such as sports, concerts, daily activities and others.

Platform managed by Spectiv LLC (USA) and Spectiv (Mauritius) LTD who together develop spectiv. The original VR content produced by spectiv can be selected by users of the VR. to view the streaming of the events that happened in reality video with sound and pictures.

those who uploaded the video can be seen by users from all over the world. a variety of video content online you can view our site, the variety of advertising accompanying video. There are four actors involved in ad-serving among them;

- Advertisers; individuals or organizations that make an ad

- Publisher; Individuals or organizations who publish ads

- Viewers; It is the main target of the ads

- Curator; people who provide value against being advertising.

Therefore, the advertiser must pay attention to and interacting with the Publisher, viewers, and curator. However this is not the case at present. because advertisers pay a fee to the campaign through a centralized entity between publishers and advertisers

Spectiv is the creator of signal protocol token. decentralise this protocol interaction between advertisers, content publishers, viewers and curator. by using this Protocol, advertisers can use the SIG through smart contracts. so the video content can be viewed or not viewed by aktiv crowd so publishers, viewers, andthe curator can be seen by advertisers through smart contracts that can be appreciated by SIG for the assessment of such Video content.

Every display ad that got the reward will be in communicate into smart contracts through third party. Smart contracts autonomously distributing SIG for the users involved. by using smart contracts, protocols allow advertisers to run campaigns and can directly give gifts to manufacturers, providers, and influencers


The total number of SIGs created will depend on how many are sold during the sale period. Once this supply is determined, SIGs will be allocated as follows:

60% Sigs Crowdsale:

SIGs will be sold through a public crowdsale at a discount to a maximum value of US$40MM. Purchasers will be able to purchase SIGs through the use of a smart contract using the Ethereum protocol. Once the sale is over, there will be no further opportunity to buy SIGs at a discount from the Spectiv Company. SIGs will be distributed following the sale and an accounting audit process.

20% Platform Reserve:

This will be held in reserve to be used as stimulus to run trials on the token protocol and establish an active ecosystem within Spectiv. These reserve tokens will be released slowly over the course of an extended pilot-testing period. In addition, the tokens will be available from direct purchases from the platform at a price to be set by the Spectiv Company, which shall not be less than the discounted price obtained in the token sale. Further guidance on this process will be elucidated in subsequent documentation prior to the sale of SIGs.

13% Management Team:

These SIGs will be reserved for the company and divided among the management team. The management team will pay a consideration of US$10 per % point for a total of US$130.

4% Escrow and Advisors:

Escrow partners and consultants will also be able to purchase SIGs at the equivalent of US$10 per % point for a total of US$40. 2% of the SIGs supply will be evenly split amongst two escrow partners for the work in using and supporting Spectiv. The remaining 2% of the total SIGs will be evenly split and offered to consultants. SIGs will be released after a 3-month period following the end of the token sale.

3% Bounties and Rewards:

This will be allocated as a reward to proactive purchase participants through a bounty campaign.

SIGs will be publicly sold through a token issuance event. The issuance will open on December 8th, 2017 at 2:00PM (GMT -5) and will run through December 29th, 2017. The number of SIGs sold will determine the total number of SIGs created. The public token sale will be capped at US$40MM. The sale will end immediately if the max cap is reached. The Spectiv Company will host the SIG sale at www.spectivvr.com.


SIGs will be valued at a fixed price of $0.50 each. Early crowdsale participants will have the opportunity to buy SIGs at a discount to this price, based on the timing of their purchase. SIGs will be sold through 4 levels, with each level representing an early bird bonus opportunity. The earlier the purchase, the greater bonus that can be expected. This system essentially rewards buyers in extra SIGs for showing early support and engagement.

Early Bird Bonuses

The different bonus opportunities are spread across 4 levels:

Level 1: $0 — $2,000,000 Raised = 40% Bonus

Level 2: $2,000,000 — $10,000,000 Raised = 25% Bonus

Level 3: $10,000,000 — $25,000,000 Raised = 15% Bonus

Level 4: $25,000,000 — $40,000,000 Raised = 0% Bonus

How to Participate

Purchasers will need an ETH wallet.

Any non-exchange ETH wallet will be required to receive SIGs. This ETH wallet will generate a personalized ETH address. When the crowdsale launches, users will be able to specify how much ETH they would like to pay in return for SIGs.

Users will then be prompted to input the unique ETH address tied to their ETH wallet — this is where their SIGs will be sent. After a user inputs their ETH address, they will be provided with the purchasing address that they can send payment to.

Once payment has been made, users will see a receipt detailing the number of SIGs they purchased and bonus SIGs redeemed. SIGs will be distributed to user-provided ETH addresses through the smart contract 30 days following the end of the sale to account for the audit process.


  • Dylan Senter — CEO
  • Nick Ravanbakhsh — COO
  • Chris Peña — Chief of Technology & Development
  • Ramon Hernandez — UI Developer
  • Bryn Bellomy — Ethereum Developer
  • Justin Wood — Platform Developer
  • Adam Richard
  • James Duchenne
  • Sheldon Weisfeld


  • Ned Scott
  • Joe Urgo

In collaboration with:

Sutton Stone, LLC

© 2017, Sutton Stone LLC. All Rights Reserved. 1934 W Gray St Level 4, Houston, TX 77019, USA

1st Floor, Cyber Tower 1, Ebene, Republic of Mauritius Edificio China Civil Plaza, 6 Andar M&N, Macao

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