Introduces a Secure and Enjoyable Browsing Experience

Anyone that is internet-saavy is well aware of the fact that there are malwares like spywares, adwares, ransomwares, etc that are lurking around to attack. Website users are often victims of adwares that automatically generate online advertisements in the user interface of their PCs. And it’s not easy to get rid of them. Infact, the recent cryptocurrency mining buzz has made the internet to be rife with mining scripts that run undetected in visitors’ browsers, generating cryptocurrencies for the owners, thereby reducing the lifespan of the users PCs. In this way, some individuals and companies get the private information of many people and auction that information to the highest bidders, thereby resulting in more spams for the users. While companies have made a lot of money with this approach, it is usually at the peril of the web users. There is a need for a platform where users can surf the internet without these irritating experiences while website owners can still generate money from targeted ads placed on their websites. This way, they can maximise their earnings because the visitors spend more time on their websites. provides this solution for the benefit of both advertisers and visitors. It provides a platform whereby users can enjoy a secure and ad-free experience without being interrupted by annoying ads. This ensures that users’ data are protected from the prying eyes of government agencies and big internet companies. Website operators will also be able to be rewarded fairly based on the number of visitors, time spent on the website and users’ interaction with the webpages. It’s surely a win-win solution for the advertisers and visitors.

How It Works

There are two types of tokens in the ecosystem: OIO and ICE tokens. OIO tokens are generated only through the token generation event which is used for fuel and proof-of-stake on the platform. ICE tokens are mined by website owners and operators based on the number of visitors.
The ecosystem will enable users to rate websites according to their experience, thereby giving prominence to valuable websites. The ecosystem will include an ad blocker, tracking script blocker, anti malware and web wallet running in a mobile application and as an extension on all operating systems and browsers. The mobile app and extension will also include a voting system enabling users to rate websites.
Website operators will be able to get rewarded by the Proof-of-Online protocol, thereby eliminating the need for advanced hardwares. The Proof-of-Online is a number that quantifies how many minutes users spend on each website (for technical specifications about the algorithm, see their whitepaper.) The number of website visits will be converted to ‎ICE tokens which will be paid into the website operators’ web wallet after 7 days.

Benefits for the user:

  1. Faster webpage loading time as a result of the removal of the intrusive adwares.
  2. ‎Through the blockchain, customer’s data are protected from unauthorized access.
  3. ‎Usera have access to only to trustworthy sites.
  4. ‎users can visit websites for free, without needing to pay for any subscription.
  5. ‎Their bandwidth is preserved as ads consume significant amount of data.

Benefits for the website owners:

  1. Trustworthy sites are ranked higher, attracting more visitors.
  2. ‎Their websites will have low bounce rate as users spend more time there.
  3. ‎They will have access to an untamed potential of revenue streams by taking advantage of the time users spent on their websites.

Information about token sale

The maximum nunber of OIO tokens generated will be 2.5 billion tokens at a price of 0.04USD. Users can the tokens through the token generation event which has started since June 15th, 2018. The presale tokens come with bonuses ranging from 5% to 20% depending on the investment value.There will also be bonuses during the ICO period.

To get more information about the platform, check out their website, ANN Thread or join their Telegram group.

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