Orangescrum’s latest offering for SMBs

Since inception, Orangescrum has always been guided by its only motto — Simplified You!

Every step of our evolution has been taken only when the answer to the following two questions has been an emphatic YES!

  • Is this something you need?
  • Does this simplify an activity the way it is done today?

All of us always want more. And you are no different ?

We have had thousands of enquiries from various industries (small, medium and large) asking for more users, more storage, more features….. BUT at lesser cost, lesser management hassles, lesser accountability and lesser burden……

Overwhelmed by the sheer rising volume of such enquiries we went back to the drawing board reviewing our features set, our support and offerings to find — How & What we can give you more??!!

So for Our vision to

  • Make life @ work fun
  • Put Business Owners in control of their business
  • Enable Leaders with effective decision making
  • Provide Managers with absolute visibility of their operations
  • Keep your Team(s) motivated & productive

We chose to make you Limitless with an “Unlimited Orangescrum” that gives you

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