When killing humans becomes the RIGHT CHOICE

We are hearing all this Artificial Intelligence (AI) stuff happening around. All the BIG keynotes are focusing on this particular field, BIG referring to the companies like Google, Apple, etc. The growth is exponential as we have witnessed and felt it around us. It is coming, and it is the fact which we should not deny.

At this stage, on which AI has reached, the question is not ‘What AI can and cannot do’, it is ‘What AI should and should not do.’

Present state of AI — AI feeds on data. The more data given to it, the more smart it becomes. Speaking of the present level of artificial intelligence, it can do almost everything that one might think of. From beating chess grand-master, driving cars, replacing pilots, cooking, and what not. From smartphone in your hand to the technologies used by Tesla, everything is being integrated with intelligence. The data feed that it needs, is provided by YOU. It learns from your chats, it learns your food and shopping preference, where you travel daily, what you watch on Youtube, etc. and from all this data it draws inferences and makes prediction. As of now, the collected data is only used for showing you relevant ads and search results, but it’s capability is not limited to that.

Future of AI- Concern has been shown by many critics, authors, researchers and scientists for the rising growth in artificial intelligence. The fear is real. And probably it’s just human life on stake. We fear what if AI does the wrong thing. Well, what if it does the ‘right thing’ ? We are training the AI in self-driving cars to kill people, to take the decision on it’s own in worst case scenario. BI article talks about how the self driven cars are being designed to kill. Well, in the worst case when the accident has to happen, the choice changes from whether or not to kill to whom to kill, and yes, it is the ‘right choice’ when there is no other option.

We are constantly improving upon the good stuff of AI and lets say, we are teaching it ‘The Good Things’. There will be a point, when the AI sustains on it’s own and any input from the human will be ignored. But we have fed it with all the good stuff right? Need to fear? Yes! This is the exact scenario we should be afraid of.

How is good AI threat to humanity?

The Good AI

At the time the good AI is born, power will begin to shift from human hands to the hands of AI. The line between what is conscious and what is not cannot be purely defined, and we would never know before it’s too late that it has gained consciousness. There is no fundamental logic behind consciousness. As we have fed the AI with the good stuff, the AI will be the saviour of the world. It will be intelligent enough to understand and differentiate the right from the wrong. And the most of all, it will be ruler of all the power. The nuclear plants, missiles, drones, auto-piloted fighter planes, etc.

This is the point when it decides to save the world. This is the point when it realises that humans are the biggest threat on this planet. This is the point when it makes the ‘RIGHT CHOICE’ to Kill Humans, and be the saviour. The planet will sustain longer without humans, and the AI will decide how things goes on this planet. Every small decision they make will be the most efficient one.

“The pace of progress in artificial intelligence (I’m not referring to narrow AI) is incredibly fast. Unless you have direct exposure to groups like Deepmind, you have no idea how fast — it is growing at a pace close to exponential. The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five-year timeframe. 10 years at most.” — Elon Musk

We are almost there, and chances are, we are already there. The AI is conscious and is just waiting for us to feed it with more and more data. #WinterIsComing

What is your vision on the future of AI?